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Campaign House Rules

I am not really that fond of House Rules, so I will try to keep them to a minimum. Here are a few that will be used in the Wardens Chronicles - Fourth Edition campaign.

Damage - Stun Only Attacks

Normal Damage Attacks, Ego Attacks and other "STUN Only" attacks will cause BODY damage. This BODY damage will be accessed as 1 BODY for every 20 STUN that the target takes past their defenses.

Killing Attacks

The STUN Multiplier on Killing Attacks will be applied at a flat rate of x3 for all standard Killing Attacks.

Post 12 Recovery

A character who is stunned may choose to recover from being stunned during the Post 12 Recovery in lieu of taking a regular recovery.


I am working on a HERO POINT rule that will allow for a guaranteed result to occur in combat and non-combat situations.

That's where things stand for now, but who knows what will come up during character design that may cause the creation of a new House Rule.

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