Wardens' Campaign Date:  1/26/2008   



House Rules

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Campaign Overview

General Description

The player characters are Advocate paranormals in a modern day world that includes a small population of paranormals. They will oppose criminal paranormals and agencies as well as terrorist paranormals and agencies, while helping the community deal with the issue of paranormals. All characters should be heroes and be able to work as part of a team.

Importance of the Player Characters

The player characters are members of a Radley-Gold Advocate group. They are a very important part of the community where they are based and are expected to "fight the good fight" on behalf of the people of the area. When a crisis arises in the area, they will be the ones that others look to for help.

Campaign Tone


In the campaign, Good versus Bad is mostly clear cut but there are some shades of Gray types. The heroes are the Good Guys and the criminals are the Bad Guys. Do not be surprised from time to time to run into people that have an agenda that does not fit neatly in the Good Guy or Bad Guy role.


The campaign takes place in a world where "super-powers" exist, it is not very realistic. Typical comic-book type physics apply.


The general outlook of the campaign is neutral. The heroes can make the world a better place, but it can only be achieved by hard work and with some sacrifices.


The campaign for the most part will be serial with enforcement of continuity. Every now and then there might be a "flashback episode." Additionally, there may be some minor "retro-continuity" edits of older events from the campaign history to bring them into line with current stories.

Physical World Description

The campaign world is a close parallel to our own world. The existence of paranormals has led to some differences in technology and historical events.

The technological differences have started to accelerate in the last few years and will in all likelihood lead to a very different world as the campaign world continues to evolve.

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