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Wardens Chronicles

Updated: 12/15/2011

Wardens Campaign Rosters, Sessions, Downtime, Stories and Interludes from all four editions of the campaign

Foundation Chronicles

Updated: 12/13/2011

World Background including Histories, Timelines, Places, People and Things from the Campaign Setting

Foundation Redbook

Welcome to the Foundation Redbook.

This site is home to the "nuts and bolts" for the Foundation Chronicles campaign setting, with an emphasis on the Wardens Chronicles - Fourth Edition.

The Guidelines section details the basic guidelines for creating a character in the campaign.

The Overview section details the ground rules for the campaign including the general description, the importance of the player characters and the campaign tone.

The House Rules section details areas where the campaign rules differ from the standard Champions rules.

The Characters Index section features the character sheets for some of the player characters and non-player characters in the campaign.

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